Land at Nolands Farm and North of North Barnes Lane, Plumpton Green

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Residential Development for up to 89 dwellings and a new Village Business Hub.

Welcome to this online public consultation for our forthcoming outline planning application that will seek consent for up to 89 new homes, including 40% affordable houses and a new Village Business Hub on land at Nolands Farm, and North of North Barnes Lane, Plumpton Green.


This public engagement exercise is being held online as a result of continuing Covid-19 restrictions which prevent the efficient hosting of public events.


Information on our proposal is provided on the following pages, and we would welcome comments via the ‘”downloads” section at the bottom of the webpage. 

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Key Facts

Land at Nolands Farm and North of North Barnes Lane, Plumpton Green

  • Fairfax are proposing to submit an outline planning application seeking permission for up to 89 new homes and a new Village Business Hub. 


  • The site extends to approximately 5.2 hectares in total.  


  • The application will seek to determine the principle and quantum of development, with only the means of vehicular access off Station Road being fully detailed at this time.  All other matters, such as layout, scale, appearance and landscaping are reserved – meaning that these will be the subject of subsequent detailed application once outline consent is granted.


  • The site lies within the settlement of Plumpton Green and will be accessed off Station Road following the demolition of two existing properties.

  • It is bounded by, and wraps around areas of existing residential development, including the recently completed Sun Close.

More Details

Number of Units



5.2 Hectares

Principle of Development

The site adjoins the built-up area of Plumpton Green, and forms a logical and natural extension to the existing settlement. 


It is likely that from May 2021 the Council will be unable to demonstrate a five year housing land supply as required by the National Planning Policy Framework and, in light of this, sites for housing are required to be brought forward to help meet the rise in local  housing needs, and these proposals seek to do this.

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Pre- Application Advice

Pre-application advice is being sought from Lewes District Council.  A number of early technical meetings have been held between our professional team and the Councils'  Planning Officers to discuss in depth both our proposals for the site and the detailed surveying and reporting that we have carried out to inform our proposals.  Pre-application with the Council is ongoing.


Indicative Site Layout 

The masterplan has been prepared for indicative purposes and to demonstrate how the planned scheme for 89 new homes and a Village Business Hub could effectively be delivered to bring benefit to the local neighbourhood.


Full details of the specific layout and design of the development  (known as "reserved matters") will be formulated and approved at the subsequent stages of the application process after outline.


The indicative scheme has sought to respond positively to the site’s location. The layout shows the access from Station Road  to the west with a gateway route into the development being created.  



The Indicative Site Layout shows the retention of the strong existing field patterns, which are used to create four areas of development that are enclosed by landscape features.  


By careful design the roadways can act as buffers between the built form and landscape features whilst not  enclosing the development.  As can be seen, the majority of the houses will address the roads in a traditional manner, although there are a few courtyards of houses that will create interest and allow for traditional relationships to existing boundaries to be shown.


The proposals also show a variety of areas that will be set aside for both formal and informal play and recreation.  The proposed Business Hub would provide bookable office, work and meeting space to facilitate "home working" opportunities for the village.



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Planning Considerations 

Highways and Connectivity 

The proposed access is from Station Road by way of a new standalone access junction - incorporating speed restraint measures.


There will be a 2m wide footway on both sides of the site, and visibility splays will be provided as required by ESCC.


A Transport Assessment will be submitted as part of the application.  The assessment confirms that there is sufficient local highways capacity to accommodate this particular development.  

Flood Risk and Drainage

The site is situated wholly within Flood Zone 1 (lowest probability of flooding). The application will be supported by a Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy to provide a full analysis of the means of drainage. In summary, our proposed drainage strategy is to attenuate on-site using vegetated basins, before discharging into the existing public network at reduced greenfield runoff rates. This sustainable system is adequately sized to contain water from a 1 in 100 year storm, with the recommended 40% allowance for climate change. 

Ecology, Trees and Landscape 

A Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Ecological Assessment has been undertaken to evaluate the site for any notable habitats and potential to support EU and UK protected or notable species.  An Ecological Impact Assessment and Biodiversity Plan has been prepared and a wide range of further ecology surveys have been undertaken. 


Trees and the existing field boundaries will be retained, with removals only proposed to allow for vehicular and pedestrian access.  There will be opportunities for new tree and hedgerow planting, with details to be agreed at the later ”reserved matters” stage.  


A Landscape and Visual Appraisal with Impact Statement is being prepared and will be submitted with the application. Our landscape architects have helped evolve the scheme to minimize any landscape or visual impacts as far as possible.  The appraisal has taken into consideration the key landscape elements - the landform, boundary planting and views from roads, Public Rights of Way, open spaces and neighbouring properties - as well as the South Downs National Park.


As with the development of any field, the proposed development will change the land’s use and character.  However, these effects are limited to the site itself and immediate area and it is in fact generally accepted by experts that suburban gardens and green spaces on new developments do encourage a much greater variety of wildlife and flora than on open fields


An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Geophysical Report has been undertaken. No definite archaeological features have been identified. Any anomalies are most likely to be modern or natural and are clearly visible on aerial imagery. 


A Heritage Impact Assessment has also been completed for the proposed development and considers the significance of heritage assets in the vicinity of the site and potential effects on their setting. 

Next Steps

As mentioned previously, the application will be submitted in outline form, seeking “permission in principle” for residential development. The exact design of the houses, their mix and type is yet to be confirmed, but it is proposed that a comprehensive range of both styles and sizes will feature within the development. 


The following steps will be taken to finalise our application before submission.


  • We will consider the responses to this public consultation and address any points as appropriate.

  • We will continue discussion and dialogue with the Council’s Planning Officers and stakeholders.

  • We will submit our outline application for approval in principle of residential development (including detailed means of access).  All matters relating to appearance, landscaping, layout and scale will be dealt with as reserved matters.

  • We will engage with the Council to agree the S106 Planning Agreement pursuant to our application.

Proposed Timeline 

15th February  2021

1st March 2021

March 2021

Spring 2021

Publication of the consultation event and web page goes live. 


Deadline for comments. This will be followed by a review of all consultation responses received.


Finalise the Outline Planning Application and supporting information, including any amendments that result from this public consultation. 

Formal submission of our Outline Planning Application to Lewes District Council.


1. Do you think residential development could be beneficial for Plumpton Green?
3. Do you consider current housing in Plumpton Green to be affordable for first time buyers?
2. How do you feel about more residential development within Plumpton Green?
4. How do you feel about residential development on land at Nolands farm, east of Station Road?
5. Which of these statements would best describe your perception of the proposed development?